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In the footsteps of Picasso
In the footsteps of Picasso

If you have a weakness for art, a trip to Malaga offer you the possibility to discover cultural treasure,

which you can’t find anywhere else in the world. For example there is the museum of Picasso, which is located in the historical center of Malaga and near the cathedral. The museum is part of an old building, called „Palacio de Buenavista“. The building was decorated during the past few years and is exposing a few of the artists works. More information you can find under the following link:  opening hours: From Tuesday till Thursday, Sunday and on holidays from 10:00 h – 20:00 h;  On Friday and Saturday 10:00 h – 21:00 h.

Just two minutes away you can find the house where Picasso was born. It is surrounded by the „Plaza de Merced“, the heart of Malaga. This house has a few paintings as well of this amazing artist and you can learn more about his life. More information on

Opening hours: From Monday till Thursday from 09:30 h – 20:00 h

And when you want to find out more about Picasso, simply walk through the streets, in which he had grown up: „La Plaza de la Merced“, which Picasso had seen through his window and it is a place where his statue is placed right now. The pigeons which are flying across the street and „La Iglesia de Santiago“, in which he was baptized. Worth seeing as well is the „Plaza de Toros de Malagueta“. Picasso visited this place with his father very often and also it effected his paintings very much.

Malaga – a city, which will help you to understand the creative genius through his wonderful paintings better than no other place can.


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In the footsteps of Picasso